Reflecting on 2011

2011 was a great year.

I went from…

Three days before delivery


To meeting my precious baby boy

Fresh out of the oven

A few hours old

Sweet boy


This year brought me the amazing gift of being a mother to an amazing baby. It hasn’t always been easy, from struggling with breastfeeding, sleep depravation, time management, identity change and work/life balance, it has all been worth it. I can’t even express into words how much you can love and care for such a small human being who is so dependent on you for every need and the overwhelming love that pours out of you for someone you just met. It is truly life changing.

There is also something so magical on how it changes a marriage and watching your husband bond and form a relationship with a baby that grew inside of me for 9 months is amazing.

Goodbye 2011, it was a great year. I met my son for the first time and watched him grow and thrive in the last 10 months.

Dear 2012, I can’t wait to see what is in store for us next year. I am looking forward to the summer and sunny weather, and seeing what adventures we have in store.