Children’s Museum Trip

We headed out to the local Children’s Museum this afternoon. Since I had today off from work, and it being a regular week with no special holidays, I thought it would be nice and empty at the museum and we would get to have the place to ourselves. Wrong. Apparently it is Winter Break for all the school aged kids, so every other mom had the same idea as me. So even though it was crowded, we had a blast. Most of the actitives were geared towards older 6-8 year olds, but there was a nice cozy section for the babies.

BabyBird loved the train table and stayed there for most of the time and just loved to pick up each of the Thomas the Train pieces and nom, of course. In the mouth each piece went.

Hanging out at the train table

The museum was adorable and they had a bunch of fun rooms and things to explore. My favorite was the pretend bank and grocery store. The drive-up bank was Elevations (which just so happens to be the bank I’ve used since I was 13) and the grocery store was themed and sponsored by Whole Foods.

Silly face

After spending a hour or so at the museum we came home, giggled and played around on the floor and poor little guy was tuckered out. Took a nice long 2 hour nap.

Dinner tonight, I introduced BabyBird to quinoa, a pearl like rice. He was not a fan. Oh, but it was just so funny feeding him a bite. He ate inhaled his regular dinner and at the end, I gave him one spoonful of the quinoa mixed with carrot puree. He looked at me as if I just fed him poison and screamed and clenched both of his fists in anger. Then proceeded to scoop out the remaining amount in his mouth out. A few puffs calmed him down and he even forgave me for feeding hin that nasty quinoa stuff and offered to share his puff.