Sweet moments

BabyBird and Daddy playing on his laptop while Skyping Seattle Grandma, BabyBird reached over and started to move the icons on Daddy’s MacBook and decided that outlook was not needed anymore and attempted to delete it from the dock.

Oct 3 – Splashing away in the tub before bedtime.

Last weekend, we lowered the crib down one notch and poor BabyBird was all disorientated and could not fall asleep peacefully. Each time I attempted to lay him down, he would cling onto my arm and hold on saying “Oh please mommy, don’t go” and after an hour or two of attempted bedtimes, I gave him and brought him into our bed. Now, I realize that BabyBird did co-sleep with me for the first 3 months of his life (off and on, but the majority of the time he slept right next to me) but now when I bring him to bed his association is not to fall asleep peacefully next to me, is that it is play time. You see, every morning when I get him out of his crib, the first place he goes is in bed with us and gets to cuddle and wiggle around while we get a few more minutes of snooze time before having to get up for the day. So needless to say, he was very wiggly and playful when I brought him to bed…. at. 2am. After a little bit of cuddling time, I picked him back up and rocked and put him in bed and he slept from 2am – 6:30am…. phew!

We started doing a bit of sign language in the last few weeks, mostly we do the signal for all done after eating solids at night for dinner. Right now he just giggles and smiles whenever I do it, but I think slowly he will understand and get it.

School has been doing good, last week BabyBird got his first boo-boo report, aka accident report. Poor little guy, was trying to crawl and let go and bumped his bed against the door. Not quite sure how he managed it, but there was an official looking report in his folder at pick up time.