First Fever

BabyBird had his 6 month shots a few weeks ago. On top of the 3 shots and 1 oral vaccine, he also got a flu shot as recommended by the doc since he’s in daycare. I took the rest of the day off and we hanged out at home and went to bed like normal. By 2am, he woke up and was fussy and felt hot. We rocked, walked and snuggled for the next 3 hours either in the rocking chair and an attempted co-sleeping.

He just did not want to be put down and I could not blame him. I took his temperature around 4am and he was 101.7 degrees, poor baby had a fever. By 5:30am, decided to get up and run to the grocery store to get some medicine to help bring his fever down. Daddy rocked him the entire time and he dozed off a little bit in his arms. Came home with grape flavored medicine and fed it to him in a spoon. He was such a champ in taking the medicine by spoon, then after some nursing and rocking fell asleep by the morning and took a good long nap. After a couple of hours the fever went down and he was all better and back to himself. I’m thankful they bounce back quick!