Solids… yum!

Dear BabyBird,

I absolutely adore you at this age right now. If I could freeze time and keep you this size, I would do so in a heart beat. You are so much fun everyday, and just a sweet baby overall. You wake up cooing and talking and giggling in your crib each morning before we get you. At night, you are so set on your routine of bath, PJs and bottle/nurse and you fall asleep so quickly and easily. And for the last two nights you have spoiled us by getting up only once during the night for a quick feed and then you are back asleep.

Last weekend we started to introduce solids to you with your first taste of Mommy’s Guacamole – and you loved it! At first you weren’t sure what to think of it, but then you got the hang of the taste and just gobbled it all down. This Monday was the first time we sent you off to school with a little bottle of solids too.

Please don’t grow up too quickly, ok?