A slight problem

I know there are a lot of women and moms out there that would love to have this problem. And to be fair, I am in no way complaining about this – but I am having a hard time keeping weight on. Yup, that’s right. Keeping weight on. I breastfeed and pump and they say I should be consuming an additional 800 calories on top of my normal 1800-2000 or so. That would be 2800 calories a day. I barely even hit 2000 a day. And we are talking about high quality calories, not just empty ones from chips or cookies or candy. So in my efforts to 1. drink enough water throughout the day to keep up with breastfeeding I now need to somehow find and consume an additional 1500-1800 or so calories so my body has enough to fuel the boob factory.

I went to the doctor’s this week and was weighted at 114lbs. I haven’t weighted that since the beginning of college? … which was 8 years ago. Sweet! Except that now there’s some extra skin around my mid section, but I don’t mind it right now. It’s a gentle and squishy reminder that it once housed a baby and baked it to perfection 6 months ago and that said baby is currently upstairs snoozing away.