6 Month

I can’t believe you are 1/2 a year old. It seems like it was ages ago that I gave birth to you and an eternity ago that I was pregnant. But here you are, a sweet and happy 6 month old baby.

Diapers: Size 3 diapers. This will probably be your last box of size 3, and we’ll be moving on to size 4 once these run out.

Clothes: Wearing 6-9 month PJs and onesies. I just put away your smaller 3-6 month clothes this weekend.

Food: Drink 3 5oz bottles of breastmilk each day and eat two full servings of sweet potato/avocado/banana. You absolutely love sweet potatoes!

Toys: Love playing with Sofie the Graffe and pretty much everything and anything that you can get in your mouth.

Teeth: No teeth yet, but you are gumming everything so I think they are coming.

Sleep: Bedtime is 7pm, although tonight you wanted to get ready for bed at 6pm and was fast asleep by 6:30pm. On a good night, you will just wake up once around 2-3am and then sleep until 7am. By the morning, we hear you cooing and singing to yourself. You roll around a lot during your sleep and you wedge yourself into the corners of the crib to sleep.

Talking: You love to babble and sing. I think you sound like George of the Jungle when you are singing.