5.5 Months

Each day goes by just too quickly. Monday – Friday is just a blur of getting BabyBird ready in the mornings, and the evenings consist of washing bottles, pumping equipment, preparing your next day bottles and somewhere in there I prepare dinner, feed myself and play with you all before 7pm. Each night your routine is so scheduled that you just thrive on it. Without question, when 7pm rolls around BabyBird gets cranky and is ready for bed.

BabyBird loves loves his sweet potatoes. I bring a jar of that for school each day along with your bottles, which right now has been 100% breastmilk. Some of that is frozen Mom milk from before but the majority of it is still fresh. I am able to pump about 14oz throughout the day, and nurse twice. That plus frozen milk, I am able to keep up with your feedings.

The 6 month milestone is just around the corner. It’s amazing how quickly the time goes and I know it’s so cliche to say, but I get now what those mom’s were saying on how fast you grow. I love you more and more everyday and you are an absolute highlight to my mornings and evenings. Sweet well my sweet BabyBird.