4th of July

We decided, on a spur of the moment that morning, to pack up and get ready to take a hike around Nederland Lake, a place that DaddyBird and I went a looooong time ago back when we were dating. It’s a nice sized lake, with a good easy trail that goes around. Since this was our first 4th of July as a family of 3, we tried to coordinate all of our clothes to be red, white and blue. I was the blue, Daddy was in a red shirt, and BabyBird was in blue and white stripes. It was silly, but I thought we looked pretty patriotic and adorable! We gathered up all of our things, plus BabyBird’s stuff (which out numbered all of our things combined) packed up the car and drove off. We made a quick stop at Einstein’s Bagels for lunch and then drove up into the mountains for Nederland.

We got to the lake around 3pm. The lake was exactly how I had remembered it, and right after we got there the clouds came out and gave us a wonderful sunny day with some nice white fluffy clouds. Not only was this BabyBird’s first hike ever, it was also his first diaper change in the back seat which wasn’t too bad. With a full tummy, clean diaper, and some sunscreen we were off to take our first hike adventure.

BabyBird was in the Bjorn facing out, and his eyes just got soo big looking around at all the trees and just being outside. After about 45 minutes, my poor guy exhausted himself and fell asleep while Daddy carried him around in the Bjorn. We realized after the hike, which I should clarify was more of a walk around the lake than a true hike, that there were people camped out at the picnic tables and already claiming spots around the shore line of the lake.

We explored the other side of the path, we discovered that there were people setting up a fireworks show. After a bit of discussion (translation: disagreement on whether or not we should stay out all day and night for the fireworks show, one party argued that it would be too much and too long of a day for BabyBird while the other argued that we were already here and had the best view since we got a prime parking spot) we decided to put BabyBird in his B.O.B stroller and go into town for some dinner. We ate at a yummy BBQ place and BabyBird was soo great all during dinner. The walk into town tuckered him out and he was fast asleep by the time we got into the restaurant and ordered our meals. After dinner, we walked around and got ice cream at a little place next to a used book store. There was an amazing indoor carousel next to an old fashion candy store which looked like the perfect spot for kids, we decided it was a bit too much for BabyBird and that he was just too small this time, but agreed that we had to come back when he was bigger and could enjoy it.

By the time we got back to the car, the entire lot and main highway into Nederland was completely packed. We hung around and walked with BabyBird, he nursed inside the car and then just waited until it got dark for the fireworks to start. It took awhile for them to start, but once it started going the fireworks were great! BabyBird slept through the entire fireworks show on Daddy’s shoulder and it was absolutely adorable watching Daddy shelter his baby whenever a loud firework went off. It was really neat to listen to the echoes of the firework around the mountains and how loud the booms were.

After the show, we quickly packed up to try and beat the rush out of the parking lot. By this point, it was 10pm and BabyBird did soo well throughout the entire night but he was just tired at this point and wanted to be back home and in his own bed. Daddy sat in the backseat with the cranky baby and tried to help soothe and calm him down as I navigated out of the parking lot and onto the highway heading home. We have rarely taken BabyBird out of the house when it was dark out and the poor guy wanted nothing more than to sleep but all of the lights kept waking him up. Finally when we got closer to home, he relaxed and fell asleep in the car. By the time we got home, a quick bath and nursing he was completely out in his crib for the night.

Overall, it was a great first 4th of July as a family, filled with great company, and a sweet baby boy.