1 Year Ago

I found out that I was pregnant today.


It was the July 4th weekend, and we were getting ready for bed. While brushing our teeth, DaddyBird made a simple comment that my boobs looked bigger. I didn’t think anything of it, but after running the numbers through my head, I realized that I was a few days late. On a whim, I decided…. oh why not, lets pee on a stick and see. Plus it would put that nagging thought out of my mind throughout the night so I could sleep peacefully knowing whether or not I was indeed pregnant. So into the bathroom I went, and peed on the stick and before I could even count to 3, the stick changed color and showed a solid blue line. Without a doubt, I was pregnant!

I was in complete shock, in a good way. I came out and showed DaddyBird and I remember being soo excited and overwhelmed by the idea that I was truly pregnant that I got teary eyed. So like any natural first timer, I immediately wanted to pee on another stick just to make sure. And sure enough the 2nd test came up positive as well. (I may have peed on a 3rd stick, but had to wait a little bit for uh… more pee)

I proudly displayed the positive test results on our bathroom counter and went to bed filled with excitement. The next morning, I peed on another stick and… Yup. Still pregnant. Woohoo!!!

Now I’m here, exactly one year later and there is a sweet bouncy little boy taking his afternoon nap upstairs. I couldn’t be happier!