Just Mommy & Me

Daddy went camping today. He’s probably sitting around a campfire right now, toasting up some brats or hotdogs and looking up at the dark night sky and watching for the first stars to appear. This is the first year that I did not go to our annual boating/camping trip in the summer. So this is the first night I am by myself in the house since BabyBird was born.

Sweet BabyBird is upstairs fast asleep on our bed at 9:30pm, and I have a bit of luxury tonight in placing him a bit closer towards Daddy’s side of the bed in hopes that by the morning he will wiggle his way to the middle of the bed instead of all the way over on my side. His wiggling is not that noticeable at first but throughout the night he gets closer and closer and by the morning I realize that I’ve been squeezed to the very edge of my bed by someone who less than 2 feet tall. But it is endearing to know that during the night, my BabyBird just wants to be close to mommy.

Sleeping has finally started to get better. Now I know I’m just going to jinx myself by saying that. He takes a regular nap around 11am – 2pm at school, and by the time I pick him up he sometimes snoozes a little on the car ride home or by the time we get home, play, and nurse he generally takes another nap around 5pm. Yesterday the 5pm nap lasted almost 4 hours, but today it was 1.5hrs. So we did bath time, nursed, rocked and went to bed.

On a different note, today was the first time our maid service came and cleaned the house. All I’ve got to say is… Why. Did. We. Wait. This. Long? … seriously! There is absolutely nothing better (well almost nothing better) than walking in the door and realizing that every surface, floor, toilet, sink and rug has been wiped down, cleaned, vacuumed and scrubbed. It is well worth the money! The hard wood floors are shining and clean, all of the carpet throughout the house is vacuumed. And they even do that cute thing with the toilet paper where they fold it into a cut little peacock and they even re-folded our towels neatly like they do in posh hotel rooms. A few dishes that were left in the sink were hand washed and set on the counter to dry, and they even made our bed! I can get used to this.