The things we do for our baby

Today BabyBird fell asleep on the ride home from my mom’s house. Little guy was all tuckered out so I didn’t have the heart to take him inside afraid I’d wake him up in the process of unbuckling his car seat. So there he sat in the driveway to our house with the doors open for air and slept peacefully. I took this opportunity to hose down the inside of the garage bins, sweep the garage, put away things & reorganized my garage pantry all the while keeping an ear to the car (and I may have checked on BabyBird once or couple dozen times during the whole time) and then after the first hour & half… I ran out of things to do outside. So I sat in the passenger side of my car read blogs & Facebook on my iPhone while listening to you breath softly in the backseat.

Later that night after dinner we started your bedtime routine. Bath, massage, nurse, rocking. Tonight, as I got your little blue bathtub ready, your Daddy offered to give you the bath while I got a chance to fold some laundry and get ready for bed. From the other room, I hear a roar of laughter coming from your bathroom and that usually only means one of two things. Either you made a nice stinky jetted tub, or you pooped in the tub. It was the latter. And oh boy did you poop in the tub. We were both beside ourselves in laughter as we watched you fill your little blue bathtub with poop. Just as we were wondering at what point should we pick you up, you let another movement go and at this point the poop is rising to the top of the tub. It was stinky, and it was just plain gross. We picked you up and Daddy scrubbed your tub out while I held you in your monkey hooded towel. We cleaned everything up and started the bath again with a clean tub and water. Round two. Thankfully you did not poop again, but you did pee in the tub this time. Daddy rinsed you off and we called it good on your bath for tonight.