First Day of School

is tomorrow for BabyBird.

This time 3 months ago exactly, I was in the beginning stages of labor. Right around 8pm, I was putting together the finishing touches on my birth plan and emailing it to Maria. Little did I know that I would be in full blown labor within a few hours and that birth plan was nothing more than just an exercise to prepare me for what was about to happen.

Now fast forward 3 months and I am putting together the finishing touches of getting everything ready for school/work tomorrow for myself and BabyBird. He is peacefully snoozing upstairs in his swing (after 2 attempts to lay him down in bed, I gave in and set him in his swing to sleep until I go to bed). Blankets – check, extra clothes – check, diapers & wipes – check, bottles & milk – check and double check! Oh tomorrow will be quite the adventure and I am positive I’ll be shedding a few tears as I drop BabyBird off at school, in about 12 hours from now.