Big Boy

I am so proud of BabyBird and how well he did on his first (half) day of school.

I knew I would be sad leaving him. I knew that it would be hard. I knew I would cry and get teary eyed. I knew it would be the first time I have ever left him with someone other than Daddy. I just didn’t know it was going to be that hard.

He woke up at 6:30am Monday morning, we nursed and took a little snooze before waking up at 7:00am. Daddy got up and got ready while we nursed and got dressed for his first day. BabyBird was loaded up into Daddy’s car and off we drove to school with MommaBird following right behind. Even before getting into the car, I could tell I was getting teary eyed, so I flipped through the radio stations and tried to pay attention to the songs/morning shows to get my mind off of it. We got to school, was greeted by Ellie (one of the nicest admin person at the school) and walked into his classroom. I was doing okay and even a bit excited to get him settled and after getting him out of his carseat and laid him down on the playmat, full blown water works started. But BabyBird was a champ and was just laying there looking around, cooing and smiling at the new toys and surroundings.

**EDIT** So I started writing this Monday night, half way through BabyBird woke up and I ended up going to bed. A few days later, well 2 to be exact, I am back to finish this post.

I picked up BabyBird at 1:30pm on the dot, and called Daddy and we did the pick up together. When we walked in he was just chilling in the room hanging out but we were soo excited to see him and ask how his day went. Apparently he did really well and slept for 30 minutes in his crib and then took a 2 hour long nap in the bouncy seat. Ate his bottles like a champ and had 3 diaper changes so in those short 4.5hrs it seemed like he did really well.

Tuesday went a lot better, for me at least. It wasn’t nearly as teary eyed as the first day and he did great. But today, Wednesday, when I picked him up the teachers kindly told me that he had a massive blow out which also included an outfit change. And he did manage to sleep in his crib for 1 hour (with his blanket tucked tightly around the mattress to help with his startle reflex). I picked him up while he was still snoozing, went home to put his milk away in the fridge and then went back out to BabiesR’Us and did some shopping. He did so well during all of this and slept for pretty much the entire trip until it was time to check out. Little guy was soo tuckered out.