Weight Loss

While pregnant, I gained a total of 32 pounds on my 116 pound 5’2 frame. I delivered my sweet BabyBird on February 22, and he weighed 7 pounds exactly.

At 2 weeks postpartum, I weighted 128.

Now approaching 7 weeks postpartum, I weigh 121. So slowly and gradually I am returning to my original pre-preggo size. I have slowly seen my post-baby belly start to go down. Now the boobs, that’s a different story, but I’m not complaining in that department!

I haven’t actually done any “real” workouts yet, but trust me nursing and being a mommy is a work out! I’m sure I’ve gained some bicep muscles by now between holding BabyBird 24/7 and then there’s BabyBird + ReallyHeavyCarSeat.

But my one pitfall? These darn red velvet cakes from Starbucks!