Spring Days

Sweet baby bird is napping away in his co-sleeper. I think we are beginning to settle down into a night time routine… baby bird usually takes 3 naps during the day, one around 9am, noon and then another around 5pm. Sometimes this 5pm one goes later, like today, and then it just rolls into bedtime. At night, (depending on when he goes to bed) there are usually 2 guaranteed feedings, one at 2am and another at 6am. Last night, the 2am feeding lasted until 4am! I finally gave in and set him down in his swing and that put him out for the rest of the night and into the morning. That swing has been a life saver for the late night “witching hour” where baby just wants to be held and rocked and if you set him down he will flash open those eyes and cry. Needless to say it has it’s toll on Mommy & Daddy. This week he has slept pretty well. One night, he slept from 8pm to 1am and I was amazed!

In breastfeeding news – a few days ago, when I was pumping I got almost 4.5oz total in one session. I was completely blown away and so excited to see that my supply has increased. But that was matched also to Baby Bird’s new appetite of 4oz per meal. But I am so happy to see the increase.

Today was a fun day. We all went out to a local Mexican restaurant for lunch and then headed over to the mall to do some errands and shop. A week or so ago, I was at the mall and found some super cute one pieces and bought them in newborn sizes, well a week later I knew they would be too short to fit him. Baby bird is looong and slender. He is already in the 0-3 month clothes for one pieces and has out grown a few of his newborn outfits. The ones that he can’t fit into anymore, I’ve set aside in the guest bedroom and looking at them I realize how much he has grown. My baby isn’t a newborn anymore. Part of me is excited for the coming months of watching him grow and being able to interact with us more but the other side of me is sad that it has gone by this fast. Some nights and days seem to last forever but looking back it seems like it went by so quickly. Baby bird was such a champ at the mall! And I have to give kiddos to Nordstrom’s for having the best bathroom lounge/mother’s lounge at the mall. Inside the women’s bathroom, there’s a small room off to the side for nursing mothers fully furnished with chairs and comfy couches. I loved that it was tucked away from the rest of the bathroom, so you had privacy. When I was there, another mom came in with her 4 month old and nursed with us. After some shopping, and a quick stop at Gymboree for some cute clothes, we headed home. Baby bird was tired and I think overwhelmed with all of the action and the busy mall, and he seemed happy and relieved to be back home to get changed, eat and go to bed.