My Favorite Things


1. Snap-n-Go Stroller – this stroller is great! I learned about it when I was in the waiting room at my doctor’s office and another mom highly recommended it. It’s super light weight, turns great and is very easy to use. The car seat fits perfectly on the stroller frame and makes getting the stroller in and out of the car a breeze!




2. Miracle Blanket/Swaddle – a very simple design but it works great for swaddling baby. It is long enough so it can be wrapped several times around the baby and keeps the arms snug and in place through the night. Baby Bird was getting strong enough to break out of the regular blanket swaddles and the SwaddleMe blankets were okay, but the Velcro was a pain and made a loud noise whenever you had to take it off and on.



3. Wubbanub Pacifier – This is an adorable way to secure a pacifier and is a great way for baby to hold onto it himself. Baby Bird has used this a few time, we did not introduce a pacifier in the first 2 months because we didn’t want him to get 1. confused between this, breastfeeding and bottles and 2. did not want him to be dependent on a paci. But at 2 months, we decided it would be okay to let him try one. The main reason is that sometimes Baby Bird just loves to nurse for the sake of sucking and having that comfort rather than nursing to eat. And for those moments, I would much rather him use a pacifier than the human mommy pacifier. Plus this is just super cute!