Favorite Time of the Day

Mommy’s favorite time of the day is after your 6am feeding, we hang out and play for a little while, you love your rain forest crib toy and then we cuddle up and take your 9am nap together. I usually let you sleep in my bed cuddled up next to me in my arms and we doze off for an hour or two in the mornings. I love how you smell and feeling your sweet little breaths on my arm. But my favorite part is at some point when you start to wake up, you naturally begin to stir and then start to cry but right before that you open your eyes and you realize that mommy is right next to you and you stop and are content with just laying there. Sometimes you fall back asleep, but other times you are just happy and content to stay there cuddled up next to me. This absolutely melts your mommy’s heart and no matter how fussy you were during the night or how little sleep mommy got, it is all worth it!