6 Weeks… & 1 day old

Phew… this week has hit us hard! Little baby bird has developed quite the appetite and I am nursing and pumping as much as my little boobs will allow.

I heard his first few coos and I do have to say that it does make my day! Although the coos aren’t that frequent and are a morale booster. Sweet baby now fights us on sleeping and insist that we hold him, rock or walk him around while he sleeps. Which is fine to do as we are trying to put him to sleep, but sometimes the moment we set him down he wakes up and looks up at us as if we just awoken him and he gets upset. They say it’s his 6-week growth spurt and I hope that is true. On another odd note (and for the parents out there, you understand where I am coming from on this) he didn’t poop for a day. It kinda freaked me out that he wasn’t pooping so naturally I googled it and read forums and other people’s experiences and sure enough a lot of people went through the same thing and to not worry. I did say to myself that if he didn’t poop on the 2nd day, I would call the doctor but the morning of the 2nd day, sure enough there was a nice green deposit left for us in his diaper. As a parent, you are happy and relieved that your baby has finally pooped!