Week 5

This week, we moved baby bird back to the co-sleeper and back into our bedroom at night. I think he likes the co-sleeper a lot better this time around and we are able to be next to each other and breastfeed at night. Yup, that’s right, we have given up the pumping at night and bottles and are doing 100% boob at night. The first night was a bit tricky in sitting up in bed and figuring out the logistics of getting him to breastfeed, but I think we are both getting the hang of it. I feel that my supply is more stable now and even though we do sometimes go 4 hour stretches (ahem… I am NOT complaining in the least bit!) my breasts do tend to fill up and feel full. Now that I can somewhat predict his sleeping patterns I’ve pumped before going to bed myself so that by the time he wakes, my supply will be ready for him.

This week has been fun, as we’ve done a few little outings here and there. Yesterday we got up and went to the hubs office to introduce baby bird to his co-workers. He was on such good behavior and never cried or made much of a peep the whole time. And today, we got up this morning and went to an Infant Group in Boulder with other babies and moms just like myself. The group was really enjoyable because it was nice to see and meet other moms who went through the same thing I did or am going through right now and are able to offer advice but most of all to offer support and encouragement. Best part was that this morning we could just throw everything together and get in the car knowing that by the time I got there, I could feed him and change him if he needed. Not having to time the perfect time of after a feeding with fresh diaper on before heading out the door made it a lot easier to get out of the house. After the group, we drove and went to Noodles for lunch. Yes, lunch alone with my baby. For. The. First. Time. He was amazing! He slept in his stroller the entire time and I could eat and chew my food at a normal pace without the fear of him waking up. Plus I knew that he was full and had a clean diaper. We came home, hanged out and he went to bed at 8:30pm. I then got a chance to heat something up for dinner and get ready for bed.

Tomorrow we are going to the Breastfeeding Club at BCH to do a weight check and to chat with the lacation specialist. I just have two questions… one being if she had any thoughts on the breastfeeding jaundice and how to do a side-latch properly. If I could master the side-latch in bed, that would make our night time routine so much easier! And of course to see just how much he is getting each time we breastfeed and see where his weight is at. If my arms are any indication, I think he’s got to be in the late 8 lbs range or maybe even 9 lbs? I’ve started to notice some more “chubby” thighs and his belly/torso has definitely gotten bigger.