Week 4

Monday, March 28th – one day before my precious baby boy turns 5 weeks old. It’s amazing how fast time has gone by. It does not feel like it’s been a month since I gave birth to this baby boy and having my world be completely changed. I haven’t left his side all this time (other than a few hours here and there to run errands or go to Target by myself to get out of the house). I can tell the difference in his cries, between the ones were he is just waking up  to when he has bird mouth and is hungry and wants to be fed. Our affectionate nickname for him is birdie, because of the wide bird mouth he does when he’s rooting and is hungry and wants to eat. We always joke that the Restaurant of Mom has great food, but sometimes the service is slow. Baby bird does not like to wait for his bottle to be ready, and the time he gives us between bird mouth and hungry cries is oh… about 60 seconds maybe?