First Half Marathon


My friend and I ran it together. I use the term “together” loosely because this girl finished 3rd female overall. I have fast friends. Go M!


Do you run?

Only when chased.


That is what I used to say. I never liked running – until I started running.

I started running last April, when Lexi was 6 months old. Oh, those runs hurt and were sloow. Pitifully slow and with many pauses and breaks. I never ran more than 2 consecutive miles in my life before then and I had a healthy extra 15lbs added to my frame (remember that 6 month old baby I mentioned above? My body was holding onto those last few couple pounds for dear life). I ran a few miles around the neighborhood with the hubs pushing both kids and slowly those runs got easier and easier. Saying to myself I can make it to that tree, or fire hydrant, or to the next intersection.

There is a park that is exactly 3.1 miles away from our house and that became my goal. My first 5k race. Perhaps this fall, I’ll sign up for my first 5k race I’d say to myself. Ha!

Somewhere over the summer, we ran more, longer distances and then found myself signing up for a half marathon. So instead of that 3.1 mile race, it was 13.1

My biggest cheering buddy & coach was my husband. Dustin ran with me countless times especially those first 12min+ miles runs while pushing both kids and cheering me on. I would have never thought I’d be able to run a half marathon but he did!

Prairie Dog Half Marathon around the City of Louisville.

Race Day. The weather was perfect, a warm 44 degrees in January with bits of snow here and there lingering on the streets. But otherwise a perfect day for a race. The run itself was good overall. I started a bit too fast (7.10 min/miles – rookie mistake) but then slowed down and settled in and was going at my regular pace. Seeing Dustin and the kids was awesome along the race. All was going well until someone put a big hill in the middle of the course. Perhaps I should have looked at the race map a bit more carefully. Kudos to the race peeps for putting up some motivational signs along that stretch. “It’s just a hill, get over it.” So that was my mantra from mile 5 – 8. And I saw the hubs and kids again during this stretch and that was a big morale boost.

Mile 9 – 13 much better. Except I wore too much clothes and it was getting warmer. For 2 miles I was debating taking off my long shelve shirt (you see, I accidentally pinned one corner my bib through both of my shirts, so for me to take off one layer would mean I’d need to stop and fumble with a safety pin) but around 10.5 miles I gave in, stopped and took off the shirt and felt so much better. By then I looked at the time on RunKeeper (iPhone/GPS App) and realized I wouldn’t be able to finish under 2 hrs anyway so I might as well be comfortable.

Coming around the last bend and seeing the finish line in the distance was pretty cool. Getting closer and realizing the clock actually said 1:56 I sprinted through the finish line and finished at 2 hours, on the nose. Holy shit. No way!

Running across the finish line and seeing the whole family plus grandparents who came down from Fort Collins was awesome! And I was pretty stoked that I made my time goal of completing my first half in under (or exactly) 2 hours. Dustin reminded me later that when I started the race I wasn’t at the front of the line so my chip time should actually come in under 2 hours. I finished at 1:59:49 with 11 seconds to spare!

It was a great experience and a fun event. The other racers were wonderful and I even made a few running friends during the course at different stretches. The last 2.5 miles, I stayed with a group of 3 other females (hot pink, black, orange – as I called them in my head) and we stayed together for last stretch and through the finish line.



Christmas Eve 2014

IMG_7333 IMG_7343 IMG_7338


The torture I put these kids through…




Happy First Birthday, Baby Girl


Happy First Birthday, Lexi. You are a ray of sunshine and full of spunk all at the same time. It’s still crazy to look down and see a mini version of myself staring back at me.

The morning of her birthday, Cayden and I went out and ran a few quick errands to a bakery and a stop to get balloons. I was tickled to be able to get the exact same cake as Cayden’s first birthday from a local bakery nearby our house. She wasn’t quite sure what to do with the cake, and the first few tastes actually made her gag. But soon she found that she liked the sprinkles and had fun picking those off the cake.

IMG_6897 IMG_6920 IMG_6928

Later on she got into the cake and found that the icing did taste good.

IMG_6935 IMG_6965 IMG_6971

The aftermath.

She did pretty good even though she never got to the actual cake part of the cake. But that’s okay. After the photo op and we got her cleaned up and down for a nap, I cut myself a nice healthy slice of that cake because 365 days ago I birthed you and that is a celebration!


First Camping Trip

Oh, the good days of summer. I grew up camping as a kid in the summer & when you grow up in the wild open spaces of Alaska it was just something you did growing up. Now as a parent to two little ones, I was excited to take them camping for the very first time.

Now to be fair, our inspiration for camping this summer was actually seeing Memorial Day sales at REI for tents. What better way to start of the summer than a first family camping trip? Lexi was around 8 months old and sleeping pretty well at night, so we thought – oh why not. Lets go camping!

I borrowed a Bjorn Travel Crib from another mom for Lexi [we ended up cuddling & co-slept instead], we packed the car, double checked we indeed had 4 sleeping bags and off we went to Golden Gate Park.



True to Colorado weather, within 30minutes of arriving the clouds rolled in and we got dumped on. Pouring rain which sent me and the kids to the car for cover while the hubs finished setting up the tent and then joined us. Rain then turned into hail.

IMG_4706 IMG_4703 IMG_4712 IMG_4714

After the storm passed, we headed out for a short hike to the fishing ponds by our campsite.

IMG_4724 IMG_4750 IMG_4739 IMG_4736 IMG_4730

We didn’t catch anything but had a lot of fun. Cayden loved casting his rod into the pond and waiting ever so patiently for a bite. I wore Lexi in the ergo and she was snug as a bug and snoozed the entire time.

Afterwards we hiked back to the campsite, started a camp fire [which proved to be a bit more difficult due to the rain storm earlier] grilled hotdogs and marshmallows, and explored around our campsite. Around dinner time, another family brought in their stuff and began to setup tent. We also won in the camping lottery because they had two boys who were also 3 years old. I think we were the only families with little kids at the whole campground. So needless to say, the boys had fun running around, finding sticks and playing together until it was bedtime.

Sleep wise… Cayden was amazing! He slept between us and was super cozy and fell asleep right away. Lexi on the other hand slept okay for being a baby and going camping. She slept right next to me and I got a few hours of sleep here and there.

The next morning we packed everything up and explored the rest of the park and went on a few more hikes, another fishing attempt and then called it a day.


Editor Note: We went camping May 30th, the weekend after Memorial Day aka the official start of summer – don’t mind the published date on this blog post.